The ultimate guide to Yeezy Slides

Fashion has made an important transformation towards comfort during the last decade: Matching sweatshirts and sweatpants in earth tones have seemingly been dominating the scene for the last few years. Comfort is the new luxury.

But there is one recent sneaker release that really disrupted the scene and split opinions: The Yeezy Slide.

The main fabric, "EVA Foam" material, makes the slipper ultra lightweight, durable and comfortable. Popular colorways include the Onyx, Bone, Resin and Green Glow Yeezy Slide.

Celebrities have also caught up to the hype and have added the Yeezy Slides to their wardrobe.

Lori Harvey in Yeezy Slides 

CC: Lori Harvey

Justin Bieber in Yeezy Slides

CC: Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner Yeezy Slides

CC: Kendall Jenner

Yeezy Slide Sizing

In terms of sizing, it is important to always choose one size up. So, if you are a size 38 naturally, choose a 39 1/3 and so on for ultimate comfort.

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