Crazy Nike Sale! 30% OFF.

Nike is offering 30% discount on all items on their webshop until 29.05.2020! We've created a little selection of our faves for you! If you like an item, just click the picture to shop at Nike. Make sure to enter the code NIKE30 at checkout for 30% off!

Go full roadman with these Tech Fleece pants (90€ -30%)! Click here to shop at Nike.

 Feeling something a bit more colorful? Baby-blue (90€ - 30%) is available. too! Click here!

Pastel baggy sweatpants are most definitely the wave for 2020. Grab yours here!

Air Jordan 1 Highs reduced in price (160€ - 30%)? Am I dreaming? No, you're not. Click here!

Also some Mids are on sale, click here!

All white Mids (110€ - 30%), can't go wrong with these. Click here!

Lows for 70€! Click here.

Let us know if you copped anything! Hope this helped :)

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