adidas Yeezy QNTM Barium

Kanye West and adidas‘s YEEZY QNTM garnered a colossal amount of buzz when it debuted during NBA All-Star Weekend, and now the high fashion meets hoops silhouette is set to make its global retail debut in a “Barium” colorway. Arriving in full family sizes on the 25th of June, the “Barium” takes its name from an alkaline earth metal that shimmers in either grey or olive green depending on what kind of light it’s under, and marks the beginning of a bold new chapter for adidas YEEZY.

See some first looks at the shoe and raffles below!

Adidas (8 AM): CLICK HERE

Solebox (Raffle): CLICK HERE 


NakedCPH (Raffle): CLICK HERE

Asphaltgold (Raffle): CLICK HERE

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