Why people are going crazy about UGGs!

UGG boots were a popular Y2K style that many people were happy to see leave the spotlight, along with crop tops, extremely low-rise jeans, and, well, anything else that was bejeweled. That is, until models and it-girls all around the world suddenly started to wear them again.

Initially worn by surfers in Australia all the way back in the Sixties, the UGG boots quickly made their rise to mainstream fashion and then dipped a little. While the regain of its success can not be pinpointed to one happening, or collaboration, we do think that it can be pinpointed to one specific human desire: comfort.

While tracksuits like Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God Essentials line has been dominating the streetwear scene since 2020, it was only a matter of time for the comfy movement to arrive in footwear. UGGs are the shoe right now to complete a cozy fit.

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